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Born of a desire to combat India’s twin problems of poverty and waste through fashion.  LIFAFFA is a brand that stands for contemporary values and new-age fashion while combining social justice and environmental regeneration in its products.

Every LIFAFFA product is crafted from a fabric made from discarded polythene bags. Plastic bags that have clogged our cities, rivers and oceans! LIFAFFA offers fashion that is uniquely attractive, very trendy and ethically responsible.

Any portrait presents a relationship  between it’s subject and the setting they’re in. LIFAFFA doesn’t just want you to look  beautiful,  we aim to clean up the settings of our urban mess. By gathering discarded plastic bags, treating them and turning them into a rich texturous material called HRP. Lifaffa’s products opens the door to a whole new world of environmentally conscious fashion. Here, fashion offers a resolve to make our settings as picturesque as they can get.

Isn’t is fantastic to do good just by looking good?


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Offset your consumption of using plastic bags by buying a LIFAFFA product!

Climate change is real!

Do Good By Looking Good

Roads, rivers or oceans – plastic is everywhere. LIFAFFA offers an easy solution to make our world picturesque again while making you look great!

Help India’s Poorest 1%

Our upcycling technique combines the skills of India’s poorest ragpickers and contemporary global fashion to create new-age

Incubated at Nexus @ The American Center, Delhi 
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